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“Ensure every person can be seen, heard, and supported in all aspects of life.”

This is the motto that guided me in my 14+ years of educating people, as I always strived to create a supportive, judge-free environment where I can help individuals from all walks of life figure out their calling, evaluate their gifts and blessings, and work towards an enlightened future.

I come from a home of moderate means, but the one thing that led me to becoming a CEO of my own company, a university associate professor, and a professional educator and speaker, was believing in the power of education. The formula was clear to me from day one: the more I learn, the more I can do, and the more people I can help.

Today, my professional mission is to share what I have learned from my clients and my own journey to the masses in an effort to help more people create transformational change in their lives, and shining the light on crucial subjects such as diversity, equity, and inclusion through exciting and thought-provoking keynotes, workshops, and courses.

A Strong History

I focus my passions on filling the gap while improving my family’s living conditions, my community, and perceptions of the future of those who lack or are unaware of resources available to transcend and gain meaningful education.

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“I am honored to have been part of the educational and professional experience of Dr. Crump as a student. Dr. Crump is an extraordinary educator and an outstanding professional. She is exactly what myself and my colleagues in criminal justice aspire to be. Thank you, Dr. Crump for being who you are and setting the standard for many of us in the discipline of Criminal Justice as professionals.”

-Terry Bentley 
Restorative Practice Professional

“I have heard from folks about how phenomenal your Diversity and Sensitivity session was and how…your presentation should be made a mandatory part of training for all…A presentation from you is so much more meaningful than a general, who this? kind of training. And it was clearly empowering to staff of color who attended. Thank you!”

-Kathleen McInerney
Ph.D., Saint Xavier University

“On behalf of myself and the EPCHS National Honor Society and our whole school I want to thank you for your keynote speech last night. All hyperbole aside, I feel it was one of, if not the most meaningful speeches I have heard delivered at an induction ceremony in my 13 years as NHS adviser. Your message and generosity with your time is greatly appreciated.”

-Ben Nesler 
Division Chair-Social Studies and Business, National Honor Society Coordinator, Evergreen Park High School

“We received a lot of great feedback about your Diversity session at our Professional Development Week event.”

Josh R. Baugh – M.S.Ed. Associate Director, Career Services, Saint Xavier University

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